What’s Going On With That Contest Anyway?

View the Entries!

Did we tell you that we have a blog completely dedicated to our hardware giveaway contest? Well, we’re telling you now!

Visit the contest blog to peruse the entries, cast your vote and gain inspiration from the beautiful kitchens already entered. Pass on the link to anyone and everyone who might benefit from a kitchen full of fancy pants cabinet hardware. You can read up on how to enter, check out our panel of judges and even submit your own entry via email to hortonbrassescontest@gmail.com.

Contest FAQ’s

Many of you have had questions about the in’s & out’s of the contest. Here are the answers!

·      Can I enter if I already have hardware on my cabinets?

Sure! As long as you want to replace your current hardware with your winnings, enter away!

·      I would like to enter but right now my kitchen is just a raw space.

So this isn’t a question but rather an excuse. Pleas refer to the original contest post:

We understand that, if you are mid-remodel, the scene may be a little rough. The judges have vision, I assure you. If your cabinets have yet to be installed, you may submit floorplan elevations, pictures of door samples, etc.


We’ve got you covered! We are familiar with how kitchen remodels go and are very understanding. Submit your floorplan and door samples. You’ve got five pictures to make an impression. Go for it!

Don’t even have your cabinets unpacked yet? No worries. Send us pics of what materials you are using and our esteemed judges will use their designy vision to fill in the blanks!

·      I remodeled a few years ago but never loved my hardware. Can I still enter?

Honestly, and don’t take this the wrong way, we couldn’t care less when you remodeled! We’re looking for a well put together kitchen that is going to showcase Horton Brasses Hardware. We want to see this beautiful stuff in action!

Spread the Word!

We need 25 entries for this contest to be on. As of today we only have 12% of our entry goal. Help us spread the word by posting the contest to your friends on Facebook and to your Twitter followers. Do you have a blog? Post about this contest and I will mention your blog as a contest supporter across my online stratosphere.

Visit the Judges!

Not only is there shiny hardware up for grabs, but we’ve assembled a cadre of shiny judges to add some fun to the contest. Do be sure to visit their sites and check out what they have going on.

Vincent Scordo shares the Italian good life over at Scordo.com. His recent posts include musings on the environment from the perspective of a first generation Italian-American, a guide to Italian Deli meats that this vegetarian took a pass on, and lots of olive oil drizzled hither and thither.

Greg Henry of SippitySup! breaks down the spring roll vs. summer roll confusion, serves up a stack of hot mustard grilled cheese sandwiches sophisticated enough to pay homage to Saveur Magazine’s sandwich issue and gets regional with a review of a cookbook with the absolute most darling cover. Take a peak and tell me if Despite the guy chowing down at the table also reminds you of Steve Buscemi.

Susan Serra and her partner/daughter Kelly are creating loveliness over at The Kitchen Designer, her newly launched blog that will school you on what went down at KBIS 2011, current trends in kitchen design and a give you window into the stylings of European kitchens. Check out the blog just to see that copper patinated Liebherr fridge.

Jane F. and Allison Arnett are full of good taste over at Atticmag. There is an amazing pictorial up right now showing off a serious 19th century English manor kitchen. If you salivate over copper cookware, do wear a bib. Gaggenau’s induction cooktop is on display and this thing cooks! Also on show is an entire room done over in chalkboard paint. Surprisingly, it’s bright and cheery!

James Swan continues to keep his Facebook fans entertained with his daily postings of dream interiors. Yes, sometimes they are nightmares, but it is all in good fun and keeps the comments coming. His book, 101 Things I Hate About Your House, also walks the catty line while delivering fundamental and clever tips to rescue your house from design disaster–elevating it to the personal palace you so rightly deserve.

And…Orion! He’s a judge too but apparently he’s a bit shy.