Kitchen Buzz: The Beehive Knob

With all the white kitchens going in these days, why not differentiate yours from your neighbors’ with remarkable hardware? Even the natural grain and beauty of stained wood cabinets can benefit from the unique details brought in by your choice in cabinet hardware.

Horton Brasses newest line of high-end hardware will take the beauty of your kitchen from the macro scale to the micro, bringing attention to the smallest details. Your kitchen puts your taste on display. Let everyone see that you take good design seriously.

The beehive knob, available in 7 different finishes, compliments a variety of kitchen styles. This knob has been around for centuries, developed during a period of design decadence.

The new beehive knob will make a style statement when used throughout an entire kitchen. However, it speaks loudest when used as accent hardware on islands, hutches and glass cabinetry—any area where you want to draw visual attention. Matching knobs in a smooth finish mounted on the rest of your cabinetry subtly contrast with the reeded grooves of the beehive.

This new knob is smooth and versatile. Use it alone or as a foil to decorative hardware pieces.

Perfect for period influenced remodels, the beehive knob came to style during the ornately decorative British Regency era. Practical as well as visually palatable—the reeded grooves act as tiny treads for your fingers, providing a better grip—the style grew in popularity and is usually thought of in association with the Victorian period. Simple yet styled, the beehive knob looks great with a variety of pulls, including the new Queslett and Horton Brasses sand casted decorative Victorian pulls. And every piece of Horton Brasses kitchen hardware is available in a range of 7 different finishes. Mix and match at will!

Milk glass depression era knobs, here pictured in blue, are typically associated with the beehive design in cabinet hardware. For a less colorful version, purchase Horton Brasses’ timeless beehive knobs in brass or nickel finishes.

A resurgence of popularity for the beehive knob coincided with the production of depression-era glass. Today, the beehive knob is most commonly associated with milk glass and is widely available from specialty hardware retailers in jadeite, blue milk glass, white milk glass and a spectrum of retro colors. The availability of such reproduction hardware really gives you a lot of options for expressing your individuality and branding your kitchen as an emblem of your creativity. Confident remodelers may use the beehive throughout their kitchen, accenting featured cabinetry pieces with standout milk glass beehive knobs.

Hollywood Regency beehive lamps

The beehive style really has true staying power. From wood lathed doorknobs dating back to the Regency era to depression era kitchenware to the blinged out Hollywood Regency style, it is a recognizable form, withstanding the test of time. Incorporate it in your kitchen design and take your place in history amongst one of the most iconic designs that has not gone out of style in centuries.

Below I’ve included pictures of more beautiful vintage objects. Each one shows the enduring elegance of the beehive.

This light shade illustrates the Art Deco take on the classic beehive. Stronger lines reflect the mathematical geometry that defined the movement.

A lustreware vase brings the beehive shape to the MCM crowd.

Hexagon tile is also referred to as a beehive pattern. Looking for a theme to tie your kitchen together without going too obvious? Go beehive!

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