Choosing Hardware for Wide Drawers

Drawers or Doors?

Walk through any kitchen display and take note: base cabinets  with doors are out and drawers are in. Due to ergonomics, this trend surely has staying power. It is so much easier to pull out a drawer and reach in than to open a cabinet door, squat and hunt. Drawers put the contents of your storage on display and give you an aerial view.

As you can see, a rollout shelf is nothing more than a drawer behind a door.

Some people are still caught up in the late 90’s and are talking about rollouts. I see that rollouts are still available from cabinet makers but why bother? You have to open a door to get to what is ostensibly a drawer. Cut out the middle-man and just pull that drawer open! Rollouts and drawers do have one drawback in common. Both do deal in wasted space. You get a few more inches of useable room with a cabinet. So to maximize the storage and minimize waste, you are better off going with larger width drawers.

One Pull or Two?

Wider drawers usually mean two pieces of hardware, be it knobs or pulls, requiring two-handed operation for opening the drawer. Let’s face it, that’s not always practical in the kitchen. Actually, it hardly is ever practical once you get cooking and at least one hand is crumb coated in something messy.

Pulls placed as pairs adorn a wide base cabinet drawer stack. The Antique finish cabinet handles look terrific. But be warned: you should be a conscientious drawer puller and use two hands or make sure you purchase quality built cabinetry like the custom work pictured here.

Instinct has it that you end up pulling the drawer with one hand, putting the drawer at risk of going out of plumb over time. But have you tried shopping for a larger bin pull? I have and there are not a lot of options out there.

As a general rule (oh, how I use the word “rule” with a bitter taste in my mouth), cabinet hardware tends to look good when the pull is 1/3 the width of the drawer front. That’s not difficult to do if you have a 12” drawer—4” pulls are pretty standard. But what do you do when you size up to a 30” or 36” drawer?

Singular Large Pulls


Modern European style bar pulls are widely available in longer lengths, but what’s a kitchen remodeler to do if your style is less…modern European?

Well, a year ago when I was doing my own kitchen, there really was just one place to buy bin pulls in larger sizes. I settled on 8” pulls to keep the price down and because I thought it was a good size to use over a variety of drawer widths. At the time, Horton Brasses did not carry larger sized bin pulls so they custom finished these big pulls I bought elsewhere to match the rest of my hardware.

This kitchen is a favorite of mine. Get the look with Queslett bin pulls in 10” widths.

What a difference a year makes! Now Horton Brasses has 2 pulls available in larger sizes. The Quesletta gorgeous bin pull—comes as large as 10” and in seven different finishes. That’s a lot of options.

This kitchen has a modern yet neutral look. Cabinets outfitted with bistro-style single pulls, mounted vertically and horizontally, create a simple and crisp design. Get the look with 7” Bakes pulls.

And the Bakes Pull doesn’t even go below 6.” Six inches is a pretty good sized pull. Six inches, seven inches, ten inches, fifteen inches. You’ve totally got your drawers and appliance handles covered. Whether your style is modern, vintage or transitional, the Bakes has you covered.

Now, I have that other place’s bin pulls on my cabinets. And they’re a nice bin pull. But I’ve also held the Queslett and Bakes in my hands and I must say, they are some fancy pulls. Seriously. They are heavy. They could totally beat up my pulls.

4 thoughts on “Choosing Hardware for Wide Drawers

  1. Orion Henderson says:

    While we have already shipped out the first order of Bakes pulls for a kitchen, we are still taking pre-orders a this time. Nevertheless, in just a short time there will be an even smaller Bakes pull with 4″ centers. We will stock it as soon as it is ready.


  2. alison says:

    i have nine drawers in my kitchen. out of these nine, there is four different size drawers from 10inches to 17 1/2 inches. i want to use cup pulls, but am not sure of what size cup pulls to buy!? what do you think?


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