A quick forging video

When Molly and I are forging hardware our time at the forge has two components – actual forging and tending the fire while the metal becomes hot enough to forge.


We shot a quick video of a simple forging so viewers can get an idea of what happens in that all too quick time between pulling a forging out of the fire, taking it to the anvil and forging it while it is still hot.


This forging is of one of the ends of an HF20 grip. The stock is 3/16 inch round, the smallest stock we forge. The metal cools quickly while we forge it – 15 seconds is all we have to do the work needed. Thicker stock holds heat longer.


Preparation for the forging was grinding the corners off of the ends of the 6 inch round bar so there weren’t any sharp corners.


When you watch the video, pay attention to how the hammer tilts slightly as the blows are made to create the round form. The blows are quickly made with the eye directing the hand based on what is seen and based on experience.


The stock was heated to a yellow heat and you see the part on the anvil quickly change color as it cools.


We often have the radio on while working, listening to West Virginia Public Radio, and you’ll hear a little classical music in the background.

2 thoughts on “A quick forging video

  1. Douglas P. Dimes says:

    I love it!. I was fortunate enough be be a licensed manufacturer for Colonial Williamsburg. I spent a lot of time there and every change I got I went to the forge to watch the blacksmiths. I always wanted to try it.


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