We get letters…

Received this note last night and it really made my evening:

Thank you. I am not a frequent purchaser; I work too slowly for that, but you might be interested to know that I made my first purchase from you in 1960: four bed bolts and 4 covers for the antique I refinished for our bridal bed! 
-P.H., Boston

3 thoughts on “We get letters…

  1. Douglas P. Dimes says:

    1960! You have us beat. I did once tell the guys in the warehouse at Marlborough Country Barn I would buy them lunch if they could guess what year I first visited the store. I was 39 at the time. They guessed 1984. I replied “no but I did deliver furniture that year.” I told them it was 1970. I was four years old on a trip with my father. We are both in a history business so you have to love 60 years of continuity.


  2. Orion Henderson says:

    I believe my great grandfather owned the company in 1960. Continuity is a wonderful thing. I love that your Dad took you on deliveries when you were 4.

    I have been contemplating bringing Julian to work with me every other week or so this summer. My shop foreman has some projects planned for him.


  3. deva says:

    Wow! You guys are old! 😉

    That is so wonderful that your companies continue to grow after decades while so many independents are going under.

    And of course it is great that this customer is loyal to HB all these years…and has good reason to be.


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