Call me a Scrooge, but frankly, I detest sales.  I don’t want our customers to wait around for the right price to buy our products; our hardware is priced fairly from the beginning. Coupons, special codes, special events, “free shipping specials” bother me.  You don’t need to be a great negotiator or crafty to buy from Horton Brasses. We are upfront and honest about our pricing. Let’s face it, the UPS driver is not a volunteer–shipping is never free.  At Horton Brasses, we don’t hide that. 

There is one price for our products. The more you buy, the better the price. You don’t need to ask; we automatically give you any quantity discounts you are eligible for. It is built right into our online shopping experience. 

But, as the owner of a small hardware manufacturing company with my family’s name on it, the thing I actually detest more than sales is not making something better when you have the chance. Fair pricing and pride in craftsmanship; these are two important tenants of my business practice.


My least favorite answer to the question,  “Why do we do this?” is,  “Because we’ve always done it that way.” 

Sometimes the answers involve production, vendors, packaging, processes, and customer service. Sometimes they involve the parts themselves. In this case it involves two parts.

So, while I am about to do something that goes against my natural business instincts, I see this as a great opportunity for our customers to take advantage of special pricing on select hardware as Horton Brasses prepares to make a great product even better.
We have come up with a better design for the mechanism for our SL-4 and Sl-6 cabinet latches.  



From now until they are sold out, all of our SL-4 and SL-6 cabinet latches are on sale.  We cannot have both inventories for sale simultaneously, thus, you get this opportunity for unbelievable pricing on high quality hardware. Even though our latches are getting a re-design, the older version will carry Horton Brasses five year guarantee. This liquidation sale is huge!  From now until they are sold out all of our SL-4 and SL-6 cabinet latches are on sale. The large latch is marked down to $12 from $20 and the smaller latch is marked down to $8 from $14*.  Just try to find a better deal on hardware out there! Popular finishes, such as satin and polished nickel will most likely sell out quickly, so don’t delay. Once inventory of this latch edition is sold out, the pricing will change.

We are spending a considerable sum to competely redo the mechanisms for both latches. Not because there was anything wrong with the old version. Rather, we just figured out a way to improve on an already top-quality product. Things are only getting better at Horton Brasses. Honestly, our latches were already ahead of the hardware game, but the re-design will further increase the ease of use and durability of our product. 

We are still about 8 weeks off from rolling out the newest version of our latch. Both the older and newer version will carry our 5 year guarantee–better than that offered by any of our competitors. We know the spring-loading, working parts of our latches can take a lot of abuse and that is why we confidently stand behind our product. From the outside, the new latches will look exactly the same, providing you with all the period charm of cabinet latches while improving upon the working mechanisms, making your hardware experience more enjoyable for years to come.



*Bright brass and lacquering services are still 20% extra.  No quantity discounts.  Previous purchases not eligible. 


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