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What’s the easiest, cheapest most cost effective, DIY, ready in an hour way to upgrade your kitchen without shelling out the big bucks and hiring a kitchen designer? Accessorize!

While your kitchen may not necessarily be a chic little black dress, any 10 year old reader of Seventeen knows that the right accessories go a long way. And since most haberdashers have long shuttered their shops, hats are not what I am talking about!

Audrey knew it. Natalie knows it. And you? You are starting to figure it out. Jewelry! Simple. Elegant. Adding the right amount of sparkle to a backdrop that already shines.

Or maybe your kitchen lacks luster. Maybe your cabinets have seen better days.   Maybe you’ve never won an Oscar. Maybe your kitchen is 40 years old. Still. Even if you are just wearing your running around clothes, you know you still have your favorite set of earrings that makes you feel just *that much* more put together when you wear them. Same goes for your kitchen. You may not have time for a complete overhaul (don’t forget, time is money!), but you can still spruce up the joint with the right jewelry.

Let us take a look at some of the cabinet hardware offered by Horton Brasses, all of it affordable. That’s right. Harry Winston quality for Joan Rivers prices.



A really great thing about knobs is they can go on both cabinets and drawers, so if you are really into a simple, clean look, such a set-up might be for you.

A really great thing about pulls is you can stick your fat little hand inside them!

A really great thing about Horton Brasses knobs and pulls is they are solid brass, have a substantial feel to them and are priced so fabulously, I had to put them in my own kitchen.

As you already know, Horton Brasses specializes in period reproduction hardware. So whether your house is Early American, Arts & Crafts, Mission, Spanish Revival, Prairie or Bungalow, Horton Brasses hardware will definitely match.

Victorian, Classic, Cottage, Farm? No problem. Horton Brasses has a variety of bin pulls and coordinating knobs in simple and ornate styles. Dress your kitchen up or have it be Casual Friday every day! The choice is yours.

Do the words Modern, Contemporary, Transitional or Industrial remind you of your own kitchen? Or what you wish your kitchen would remind you of? Well, move over ornate Victorian bin pulls! Horton Brasses has just the right jewelry for your cabinets.

Let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, let it be know that Horton Brasses hardware is used in some of the most distinguished kitchens around. Check out these period boards from Crown Point Cabinetry.

See any similarities between this stuff and what Horton Brasses offers?

Ahem. ‘Nuff said.


Woody Looks 

That’s my shorthand for all those wonderfully detailed, warm kitchen styles such as Early American, Arts & Crafts, Spanish Revival, etc. Get that look with these styles!

Classic Bin Pulls–I am loving the antique and dark antique finish for these woody styles. Only $7 a pull!


Cabinet Latches! Oh, how I have dreamt of having these. Perfect for accentuating inset period cabinets. Christopher Peacock has also made them popular for modern classic kitchens. Price at $14 and $20, the quality of these functional latches kill the cheaper ones offered by Restoration  Hardware.


Add subtle detail to the layers of your Arts & Crafts Style kitchen. Two sizes, both under $6.


How about this pull on a desk or hutch area in a Spanish Revival style kitchen? So beautiful.



Speaking of Spanish Revival, check out this amazing Alabaman specimen. The kitchen @ 11 Bonita features lots of unlaquered brass, but I think the hand forged iron selection from Horton Brasses would have looked equally amazing.


Pretty Kitchens 

In my opinion, there is something slightly feminine in the details that go into a Victorian or cottage kitchen. While not necessarily all frills and flowers, certain flourishes that distinguish these styles add a soft beauty to the function. Gingerbread trimmed pantry doors. Calico skirted apron front sink cabinets. Hardware lending a detailed softness amidst a baroque ensemble of Steampunk design.

While the classic bin pulls and latches definitely fit right in in this style kitchen, Horton Brasses also offers knobs and pulls with sand-casted embellishments that will capture the eye and complement even the simplest classic kitchen.


Ooooh! Ahhhh! Beautiful pulls will elevate your cockneyed cabinets to the status of polished duchess!


New Arrival! Victorian Cast Bin Pulls now available in nickel. And I was one of the very first people to get them on my drawers. Score.


Matching knobs. Aren’t the tiny ones just adorable!


Fancy pulls and knobs (antique finish)  in my own mid-range remodel in 2007.



Modern Stylings 

Are you in between styles? Do you appreciate a mix of antiques and clean modern lines? Is your kitchen style simple, uncluttered and back to basics? Check out these options for replacing your dated cabinet hardware.

Horton Brasses Classic Kitchen Knobs have a generous feel and are priced between $4 and $5.

You have no idea how much I love these forged iron knobs. Would look great in a modern or industrial inspired kitchen. So basic yet with an urban rustic edge. And look at all the sizes to have fun with!

Imagine updating your builders grade Shaker cabinets with these little oval knobs. The tiny ones. Change out that gaudy white ceramic knob that came standard with your cabs for these simple little jewels and you will automatically upgrade your kitchen a decade or so.


Why spend double for a European bar pull when you can ornament your modern styled cabinets with this organically shaped Horton Brasses pull? There is something slightly reminiscent of the boomerang styling found in mid mod furniture.


This is just a partial example of the hardware offerings available through Horton Brasses. For more options, check out the site. Although advertised as period reproduction hardware,  the quality and styling of the Horton Brasses line transcends this label. These solid brass pieces are available not just to add beauty to new kitchens, but to update older kitchens affordably.

5 thoughts on “Cabinet Jewelry

  1. Orion Henderson says:

    In fact, I believe Deva was the very first person to have the Victorian bin pulls in nickel.

    The pull above, the smooth organic shape, is inspired by the Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


  2. Erica Patki says:

    I love this idea! It is exactly what I was thinking for when we do our home. I’m really interested in keeping it simple and natural but adding beautiful accents to add color and style to our house. In the kitchen the pulls are really where you can have fun “accessorizing”!


  3. deva says:

    Erica, for my personal remodel, I saved lots of money with a simple door style and spiced it up with the hardware. I’m sure you will find this path fun and economical!


  4. Mohini Krueger says:

    Oooooh, sassy! If my husband will ever get around to painting my kitchen for me then my rental kitchen cabinets might actually be worthy of a little sprucing up from Horton Brasses. Don’t worry dear landlord, I’ll save all of your white ceramic knobs to give back when I move out.


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