Brave new world

Well, this is the start of a new world indeed. Effective last midnight, Orion is now the owner, president, and heart of the brassco. Barbara is officially, and indeed, totally retired. The first thing we are doing with our new freedom from the workaday life is to go to Thailand.

We will be spending a couple or maybe three months there. The first month will be travelling around the south, doing a lot of snorkeling, and beach and hiking exploration. Oh, and a lot of eating of wondrous spicy hot food. Then we hope to just slow down and live for a bit in some place that takes a hold on us.

But back to the retirement gig. This is indeed a bit earlier that we had projected years ago. But, Barb decided when we had the flying RV incident that we should just grab the life of each year we have and she became unwilling to wait until 2010 or so. Also, to his credit, Orion has just taken off with the brassco. He has taken Barb’s natural marketing skills, and extended them. So in point of fact, he really just doesn’t need us around distracting people anymore. And just to ram the point home, the IRS demands that Barb effectively divorces herself from the brassco’s operations after Orion has purchased the company. She doesn’t mind at all, much more than anyone else I know, Barb doesn’t rehash her decisions or have a high need for reflection, and moves on, and on.

I will still be working a bit, part time.

We don’t have long range retirement plans. We have sat down repeatedly and hashed out possibilities, but we really decided that casting things too definitely at this time was really defeating the whole purpose of having the degree of freedom that we now have. So we are just going to have a sweet 2007 if that is given us, and go from there.

Plans are now limited the the following:
Take care of Julian every Tuesday and Thursday when we are in Connecticut. This we have been doing anyways, since he was around 3 months old, and just love, as we think he does. This really tends to bring us back home, and is the main reason we will probably have Ct. as a base for the next few years at least.

We hope for a long and leisurely trip to Alaska in the RV for the entire duration of the summer. Leaving maybe mid May, and returning by November or so. Take our time, and let the weather decide how slowly we get to Alaska. Settle in for a bit in a few places we have been before, do some serious (for us) hiking, and camping, probably go the the state fair in the beginning of September, and wander southwards.

We have vague plans to maybe spend part of next winter in South America, avoiding yet another winter. But, vague is the operative word here, cheap airfare to Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand among others, chould change things completely.

Now since we are retiring pretty early, we do figure that some time we will want to settle down, and maybe even fit in another bit of work at some time. Work for fulfillment, not recompense. Time will tell, frankly, we don’t want to plan to thoroughly, so we may have just a gap year, or it could be a gap decade who knows.

Time will tell.