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We would like to invite all of our vistors to do two things here. One, we will be asking you for input on some of our products. I wil post some questions about some new products in the hopes of getting feedback. Of course, if you have comments about products we are not asking about, please go ahead and post them. Two, we would like to know what you all would like us to carry. Are there products you would like to see us make? New sizes of existing products? Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    First up, we would like to know what you think of our new table spiders. These are a new series of products that we developed at the request of one of our customers, Stephen Smith, who works right here in Connecticut. He said that woodworkers and refinishers like to put braces under the legs of 3 legged tables, such as tea tables. We thought that was a good idea so we made them. They have sold well but we want to make them better. We have already made one change at the request of a customer. The smaller spider we now make with a thinner leg to fit 3/4″ wood. We were asked to make the larger one from material that is 1 gauge thicker (currently they are 1/16″). We are looking into that request. We made them thin so they could be easily bent to fit the legs. Anyway, if anyone has any input on the product, we would like to hear it.


  2. Dan Boylan says:


    I was hoping to buy some “sash lifts” from you but I couldn’t find any window hardware on your site. This seems like something that could be “right up your alley”. I’d love to get your quality in a solid brass sash lift. Thanks, Dan Boylan


  3. Orion says:

    Good question Dan.

    Window hardware is not something we have ever made. Window and architectural brass hardware have always been beyond our expertise, we really don’t know much about it so we have left this to the experts. I would recommend tryng, they have a good reputation for quality and a good selection of window hardware.

    Thanks for the comments. We are keeping track of what folks are looking for in order to help us expand our line appropriately.


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