Welcome to the hardware forum of our little blog. Please feel free to post hardware comments and questions here. One of us will post a reply as needed. Any of our readers, if there are any, are also welcome to chime in with comments.

If you need more specific information, feel free to e-mail me through the site, www.horton-brasses.com. Sorry, cannot post my e-mail here as it will bring on more spam.

8 thoughts on “Hardware

  1. Bill Moore says:

    I was wondering if I could post a picture of a piece of hardware for which I am looking for a match. Is this the correct place to do such a thing? Thank you in advance for your assistance.



  2. Orion says:

    You can e-mail a picture (in .jpg format please) at orion@horton-brasses.com, I will be happy to help.

    Unfortunately the blog is not set up to post pictures. If I understand correctly, there are some server and tech problems with pics in this format.


  3. Jennifer in Maine says:

    I am looking for a bolt for an antique rope high bed. It is approx. 6 1/2″ long. Can anyone help me find one?



  4. Orion Henderson says:

    Mary- While we cannot repair them, we can probably provide a new bail that will fit the post. Can you send us the broken part? Send it to:

    Horton Brasses Inc
    Attn: Orion
    49 Nooks Hill Road
    Cromwell, CT 06416


  5. Orion Henderson says:


    We have bed bolts for wooden beds in 6″ or 7″ lengths. To the best of my knowledge no one makes 6-1/2″ anymore. A professional refinisher will be able to fit a new 7″ bolt to your old bed with a little work. You can check your local yellow pages under “refinishing” to find someone. Other than that, you can look online for actual antique bed hardware. http://www.houseofantiquehardware.com may be able to assist. I wish I could offer more suggestions.


  6. Suzanne Wallace says:

    I am trying to locate a replacement for a porcelain ball finial that was on a white wrought iron bed. I occasionally see them on new beds, but can’t find anyone who will sell just the porcelain ball finial. Do you know of any suppliers?


  7. Tom Galentine says:

    I am looking to rebuild a dresser and would like to find out where I can get the metal tracks for the drawers to slide out the drawers easly. Wood on wood just does not work to well. I don’t even know the proper name for them. but I would like to find out some more information and order them.



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