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This little section of our blog is devoted to customer letters and comments. We are fortunate enough to get e-mails and letters from our customers with comments, suggestions, and compliments. We will start to post some of those up here. I guess it is a little self promotion, but we are proud of what we do. Anyone visiting the blog and website is welcome to post as well. Suggestions and comments are more than welcome.

6 thoughts on “Customer Comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Orion,
    In this age of grossly unsatisfactory help from other companies’ anonymous, IT tech- support people, your highly informative response to my question is truly appreciated. Please be assured that I will buy the brasses for my lowboy from Horton Brasses as a result. I will follow your suggestion to enlarge the reproductions from the catalog, and try them on the drawers for a visual test. I will probably also email Glen Huey, and I got David LeFort’s email address from your website, and will email him as well.

    Thank you, again, for such an in-depth consideration of the brasses placement. From my research it appears that it is, as you said, largely a matter of personal choice, and having the actual outlines of various brasses will let me make that final choice. You will next hear from me when I order my brasses, and I will send you an image of the finished lowboy by email. You may publish it if you wish, with my gratitude.

    Please place this endorsement in your personnel file, on the web, or anywhere else it will help people to understand how devoted your company is to excellence in period furniture making.

    Yours truly,

    Jack F. Smith
    7151 South Hudson Lane
    Centennial, CO 80122


  2. Orion says:

    Cut from an e-mail 6/09/05

    > Hey Horton Brass,
    > I purchased new house numbers from your company and I
    > just want to say, I love them! We bought a house that
    > needed a lot of TLC, and your house numbers really
    > helped give it a fresh look. I also love your catalog.
    > We hope to order some hinges in the future as we do
    > some remodeling.
    > I passed your company name on to a few friends who are
    > in need of your services. Also, you guys rock in your
    > customer service dept.
    > Please pass this email on to whomever is in charge to
    > let them know you’re doing a great job!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Excerpted from e-mail 6/14/06

    >We are grateful customers, and want to compliment you on both your
    >product line and your service. We placed our first order with you some
    >32 years ago when we expanded our kitchen, and were most pleased with
    >the knobs and pulls. In looking for the “right” hardware during our
    >recent kitchen remodeling, we again turned to you after an exhaustive
    >search. We were delighted to find you are still in business and
    >producing the highest quality hardware. The knobs and pulls are again
    >perfect. Thank you!
    >It’s a pleasure to refer you to friends who ask “where did you get your
    >beautiful hardware?” since we know you have outstanding products and
    >are confident they will be equally pleased. We also showed your catalog
    >to our kitchen planner at Kitchen & Bath Studio in Sheboygan, WI, and
    >hope she will recommend your items to her other customers.

    From a customer in Wisconsin.


  4. Orion Henderson says:

    Horton Brasses Inc.,

    After discovering you on the internet (where would we be without it?), I
    just wanted to express my gratitude to your family there for providing such
    incredible service. I placed my order only yesterday requesting 3-day mail
    service, and I received my Brass Furniture Trim TODAY! My client has been
    waiting patiently for the restoration to his circa 1880 partners desk, and
    thanks to you it will be completed on Tuesday. We have three Fine European
    Art and Antique Gallerys in the US and I am so grateful to have found a
    source for all of the hardware that you manufacture. After reviewing the
    catalog you included in my order I think I’m going to replace all of the
    hardware in my kitchen! I will be forwarding a picture of the completed desk
    to you so that you may see how beautifully you helped to finish it!

    Thanks again,

    -Excerpted from Customer E-mail


  5. grover says:

    on going through your web site, I have discovered that you have managed well the grand buisness furniture. It will go a long way in managing the demands of the people in future. well done!
    one thing should be taken into mind that while making furniture, the focus should be on its style and its glamourous outlook.


  6. kenny says:

    Great!! I found what I am in search ,hearty welcome & best wishes for your product -I have one suggestion, customers like me always looking for variety, quality & it should be affordable rate. Thank for giving such platform for your customers.


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