Marian’s baby shower

This is a family and friends blurb, casual readers may want to move on.

There are things in life that are much, much more important than selling brass or iron; and we are in the middle of one of the best of them: having a new baby arrive in the family.

The baby is due at the end of May. We invited family and friends come last Saturday to share in celebrating Marian’s pregnant state, and the upcoming birth. Marian was successfully kept in the dark about the coming event.

There was a batch of Marian’s friends-many of them already moms- who came; but blessedly, for the men in attendance, there was not one labor story told.

Marian’s sister, and cousin Jane came up from New York through the dismal rainy weather. Felix and Susan had an “interesting” ride when they were rear-ended-in their rental car-while I was talking to them on the cellphone giving them direction to zero in on our not-so-easy-to-find home.
But we all made it, for presents, games and a feast of snacks.

Barb, who loves these kind of events more than anything, had produced Cookies, sandwiches, spring rolls, fruit, and much more. Brian brought delectable cream puffs, which we waited until he was leaving to break into, and finished within the hour.

Marion did indeed glow while unwrapping presents; I don’t know how it’s done, but pregnant women DO glow. And I dutifully kept my camera at the ready to take lots of pictures.