Horton Brasses happenings

Maybe you are wondering what the folks at Horton Brasses are up to lately. Well, in addition to working on our new product, the SL-6 latch (see earlier post), we are working our way through a rash of injuries and illnesses (see our disabled list). This week, for the first time in a month, our regular shippper Mary Hayes returned to work. Like a breath of fresh air, her smile and laugh bring a lightness to the place we haven’t had in a while. Barb and Toby returned to work a little more than a week ago. Barb has gone right into the color room here to help Chris learn to color a little better. Chris does a great job, but a little training goes a long way. Myself, I am relieved to have the help.

We are about to begin working on our next catalog already. The current one will run out early next winter, maybe even late fall, so it is that time already.

We hope to turn this blog into something new and different for the woodworking community. A place to post messages and event details. A place to get advice and to learn new things. And a place to showcase fine furniture and antiques. However, it is not a place to sell furniture and antiques, just a place for community to see them and discuss them.

We are working on a new bit of advertising. After much consideration, we feel it is time to market a little more agressively. We have found a place where we think people who may need our products go, and we will begin advertising there shortly.

That’s about all for now.

One thought on “Horton Brasses happenings

  1. Orion Henderson says:

    We are about to come back. We have been closed for our summer shutdown since August 5th. Today, the 22nd, I am back to start the reopening process. We will begin to get organized now so that we can ship orders starting on Monday. Every year the preparation to reopen takes a little bit longer. Last year some of us worked three days the week before, this year some of us are working all week. The idea is to make sure that there is not several weeks of backlogged orders.


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