Toby heard from

Here’s Toby’s take on our settling in.

The world is nearly full of people who are really pissed with each other. The Shias & Sunnis are fighting over Mohammed’s son-in-law from 1300 years back. The Serbs & Bosnians are refighting an Ottoman battle from 1325 or so; not to mention Croat vs. Bosnian, Serb vs. Croat, Albanian vs. Serb, & who knows what other combination. Isreaelis & Palistinians are refighting the Crusades. Hutus & Tutsis, Arab Somalis & Christian Darfurians, Tamils & Sri Lankans, etc. etc. etc.

And the Vietnamese. Maybe it’s a clear win, but I think it has to be something deeper. But someone, somewhere, who is in a position to spread the learning should figure this out. We bombed, defoliated and displaced this nation. They did as many horrible acts in return. The war ended with no clean hands on anyone’s part. Somehow, though, they used the horror to learn a lesson, move on, and let the past be.

This place is no utopia, it’s got more than it’s share of problems. But being caught up in fixing the past just isn’t one of them.

Funny that.