The Brassco offices recently underwent renovations

The Brassco recently completed renovations of our showroom and offices. These last improvements have been part of a longer running program that is nearly complete.

First we rewired the entire factory, and installed lots more lighting. After that, we expanded our shipping department with all new shelving units and bins. In buffing and in shipping, we installed dropped ceilings with extra thick accoustical tiles in buffing and put more lighting in each of those areas. After that, we needed more office space. So we took our very large showroom and converted it to office space. We built some walls and stripped 40 year old wall paper and painted and carpeted.

It now houses 5 people (me, Orion, Toby and the 2 Steves). We took my old office and made it into our showroom, and gave it a much needed facelift.